Missy Franklin isn't the only swimmer at the high school championships, damn it!

The next big event for swimmer Missy Franklin is...the Colorado 5A girls' state championship? It's true: The multiple-gold-medal-winning Olympian is taking part in the event today and tomorrow at Fort Collins' Eudora Pool and Ice Center, aka EPIC. And the folks at the Colorado High School Activities Association (CHSAA) seem more than slightly freaked out by the expected media crush.

A press release sent to media outlets under the signature of Bert Borgmann, CHSAA's assistant director, uses bold letters and caps to warn reporters to keep their distance from Missy.

The section reads:

Missy Franklin will NOT be available for interviews from her arrival at the pool on Friday until a press conference after the finals of the swimming meet on Saturday. Site of the press conference will be announced Saturday.

That's followed by this, printed sans bold, but with a key word capitalized:

Please note that in order for the state swimming championship to proceed appropriately for ALL swimmers, the CHSAA will ask that you respect Missy Franklin and the other swimmers by adhering to the no-contact piece. Prior to her arrival on campus, you will need to make any arrangements through the school's athletic director.

In other words, the folks at CHSAA want the press to remember that Franklin won't be the only person in the pool, and the mere mortals taking part deserve to enjoy the experience, too, without being shoved out of the way by photographers snapping shots of Colorado's latest golden girl.

Exception to this rule: if someone beats Missy at something/anything. But don't bet on it.

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