MIT = Mitt?: Denver poll worker fears school sweatshirt is pro-Romney electioneering

Many, many people are watching the polls today to make sure there's no funny business.

And if there's any doubt about the Denver Elections Division, here's proof the staff is on high alert: Division personnel had to assure a poll worker that a young lady wearing an MIT sweatshirt was not engaging in pro-Mitt Romney electioneering.

Alton Dillard, spokesman for Denver Elections Division, sent out an e-mail featuring the subject line "Little Pre-Election Funny." It reads:

You think everyone is on high alert for this Election?

On the last day of Early Voting on Friday, we had to assure an eagle-eyed poll worker that the young lady in our lobby in the MIT sweatshirt was NOT engaging in electioneering in the Voter Service Center. :)

He later passed along this stock photo of a shirt like the one the woman wore.

Electioneering, which is not allowed at the polls, is basically when a voter comes in wearing paraphernalia in support of a specific candidate.

Thus, someone with a Massachusetts Institute of Technology sweatshirt was forced to explain that she was representing MIT and not, you know, Mitt.

Fair elections, y'all.

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