Mitt Romney Twitter death threats

Tonight, Mitt Romney is scheduled to headline Red Rocks, joined by vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan and Kid Rock (really). But while most observers feel Romney lost last night's third and final presidential debate, his performance apparently concerned a number of folks on Twitter enough to inspire death threats sent via tweet -- a disturbing development regardless of one's ideological persuasion.

The report comes from Twitchy.com, a conservative website that's collected Romney-threatening tweets in the past -- and encourages the Secret Service to investigate the authors.

Presumably, the featured tweets are examples of unwise hyperbole of the sort the web seems to spawn, as opposed to legitimate indications of future violence. But that doesn't make them any less moronic and offensive.

Several of the tweets featured in the featured posts -- or the accounts from which they were sent -- have been deleted at this writing, presumably due to the negative attention inspired by Twitchy. Example: a note from Mak, aka @FreakMyDeak, who wrote, "Why hasn't anyone hired a sniper to shoot Romney in the fucking face...?" That message is gone, but this response remains:

There's also this pair of tweets from Keshia Cheesman, whose deleted Twitchy-spotlighted tweet read, "I have a 1 step plan: Kill Romney." Others called out by Twitchy are less apologetic -- like, for instance, Omar Kichkeh, whose original tweet read, "I want to shoot Romney in the forehead and skull fuck him." That post remains, as does this response: Fortunately, most other citizens of Twitter Nation have a different definition of "pathetic."

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