Mixed messages about Brandon Marshall -- as usual

Another day, another series of contradictory stories about perennial

Shmuck of the Week Brandon Marshall

. First,

ESPN's Adam Schefter reported
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that the Broncos were exploring a contract extension for Marshall mere days after his preseason suspension for acting like a two-year old in shoulder pads. Since then,

numerous sources have perforated that rumor

, with the consensus being that the Broncos want to wait to shower Marshall with cash until they see how he plays on his injured hip -- or if he plays at all.

Displaying his talent on the field may be tough for Marshall even if he has an attitude reversal of epic proportions. After all, coach Josh McDaniels has been making noises of late that Kyle Orton may be ready to start in game one against the Cincinnati Bengals, and Orton's showed about as much aptitude for throwing the ball over ten yards down the field as Brian Griese did -- and that was when he was at 100 percent, which, given his gnarly finger injury, he probably won't be anytime soon. Maybe Marshall can show his skills by switching to running back....

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