Monday Morning Hang Over

Monday Morning Hang Over

It was, again, a weekend filled with film. The 30th Denver Film Festival wrapped last night and over the weekend we caught a few flicks.

I hated Being Michael Madsen. The boredom was only punctuated by the two drunks next to me who knocked over their beer bottles half way through the film and I giggled as I listened to these bottles of Stella Artois roll to a stop several rows ahead of us.

Michael Roberts felt the Keri Russell/Jonathan Rhys Meyers vehicle August Rush was "hackneyed."

For two things you can actually still experience, and might actually enjoy, check out Aubrey Shoe's take the library's Frock Out Denver Design Challenge, complete with a slide show of sartorial splendors.

And if you haven't had your fill by then, we've got a new slide show highlighting some recent graffiti works in West Denver just waiting for some time-wasting web clickery. --Sean Cronin


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