More Messages: Comings and Goings

A Message column published last month focused on Albert Manzi (pictured above), the new publisher of the Boulder Daily Camera, as well as the president and CEO of Prairie Mountain Publishing, a joint MediaNews Group-E.W. Scripps enterprise that oversees a slew of local publications, including the venerable Colorado Daily. In an interview for the piece, Manzi made it clear that he wasn't afraid of change, and that's a good thing -- because in recent weeks, folks at or near the top of the editorial department ladder at the Camera and the Daily have declared their intention to move on.

As noted in this article, Sue Deans (pictured below) says that on November 17 she'll step down as editor of the Camera, a position she's held since 2003. Meanwhile, as this item documents, Daily managing editor Bronson Hilliard, who's overseen day-to-day operation of the paper's newsroom since 2001, has been named the director of media relations at CU-Boulder -- a job he'll start on November 6.

There's no evidence that either of these moves took place at Manzi's behest. Deans, whose husband died in December, has stated publically that she wants to focus on writing; she'll continue to pen a weekly column for the Camera, and serve on the broadsheet's editorial board. As for Hilliard (a personal friend of yours truly), he is going home in a sense, having handled media chores for the CU president from 1996 to 2000. His reputation for shooting straight is exemplified by a quote that appeared in Editor & Publisher, a journalism-industry trade publication. The offering, which came out less than a week before his new gig was announced, focused upon CU journalism professor Michael Tracey and the ethics of his interactions with JonBenet Ramsey murder suspect John Mark Karr. Rather than making excuses for Tracey's behavior, Hilliard said, "Personally I was uncomfortable about someone who teaches in a journalism school doing what he did."

Daily longtimer Oakland Childers has already been named that paper's interim managing editor, and odds are strong he'll hang onto the title. However, Deans' chair has not yet been filled, and this opening gives Manzi an opportunity to truly put his stamp on the publication. What happens next will help determine if Manzi and the Camera really click. -- Michael Roberts

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