It's just lying around, waiting for people to come pick it up.
It's just lying around, waiting for people to come pick it up.

More proof medical marijuana is good for the economy: Student wants to move to Colorado for MMJ

Legislators such as Representative Tom Massey are eager to rein in Colorado's booming medical marijuana industry -- but despite their best efforts, word has gotten out to Weed Nation that Colorado, and specifically Denver, are pot-friendly places.

Take this recent post on by a guy who calls himself "Mr. Ganja." The headline: "Moving to Colorado to Get MMJ (Denver Maybe)." It reads:

Ive spoken to a doctor and i do qualify for MMJ in colorado. Im currently going to college and therefore I deffiently want to go to school in colorado. I have the money, the group of people, and the dedication to make it out there and get my damn MMJ card and to hopeuflly grow (still). Can anybody provide me any information on bigger cities (150,000+) that have a great college.

We are all looking for a college or several in a small area that offer: engineering, mastors psychology, business admin, and social work

Also what should I know about Denver colorado.. is this a good place to be and get a MMJ card so i can smoke and grow?

As long as admissions officers at Colorado colleges don't care about spelling or punctuation, Mr. Ganja is in! And they'll no doubt be reassured by this postscript to his note: "All content is purely fictional. I love growing Tomato plants."



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