Mother Nature Just Doesn't Care — Cancels Everything This Weekend

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Like the old Chiffon TV ad said, "It's not nice to fool Mother Nature," and it's not nice to take her name in vain, either. So, hopefully, she won't be reading this most, in which he lay the mantle of "partykiller" firmly at her feet. In addition to hindering, harming and hampering just about every planned Memorial Day Weekend event, the predicted rain and cold temperatures have also completely drowned out a few — from a beer fest to Chatfield Reservoir to Water World. Yes, Water World. Is nothing safe? Here's a partial list of the affected.

From Water World:
"It is with soggy hearts that Water World announces the delay of opening weekend. To provide the best guest experience, the park says it will opt to wait a couple of days for warmer and dryer weather. The park plans to take advantage of the extra preparation time to further enhance park amenities, such as giving the water a chance to get warmer, as they wait for the weather to become more favorable. The public is encouraged to check the Water World website at www.waterworldcolorado.com for Memorial Day updates."

From the City of Golden:
"Mother Nature has forced us to delay the opening of the Splash Aquatic Park in Golden. The water park was scheduled to open this Saturday, May 23 for Memorial Day weekend. Instead, the opening will be delayed. Please join us and celebrate the beginning of summer on Thursday, May 28 (and hopefully the end to cold, rainy days)! Meantime, season pass holders can use their passes to get into the pool at the Golden Community Center until the Splash is open. Thanks for your understanding!"

From the City of Littleton:
"The rain won’t go away! Unfortunately Brews & Views at The Hudson Gardens & Event Center on May 24 has been canceled due to cold and wet weather. Thank you to everyone who has already supported the event. If you purchased a ticket, you will be refunded through Altitude Tickets directly. We will keep you posted on other events this summer.

From Denver Water
"In the interest of public safety, Waterton Canyon will remain closed to public access until high flows in the South Platte River in the canyon subside. 'We understand closing the canyon over Memorial Day weekend is a disappointment to many outdoor enthusiasts, but safety is our priority,' said Brandon Ransom, Denver Water’s manager of recreation. 'As soon as conditions are safe and the trail is ready for bikers and hikers again, we’ll get the gates back open for recreationists to enjoy.' The canyon has been closed since Monday for a dust mitigation project and was scheduled to reopen Friday, however, recent rains prohibited this work from occurring, and that project is expected to be rescheduled within the next month."

From Colorado Parks and Wildlife:
"Chatfield State Park continues to experience flood related issues that are affecting recreation and facilities at the Park. The park, including the campground, remains open at this time. We are currently 6ft above our normal full pool level. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is in charge of water releases from the reservoir and will be monitoring downstream conditions to determine how much water can be released safely. Due to forecast weather and spring run-off conditions can change and additional areas affected.
Facilities affected and closed at this time are:
— Swim Beach
— Jamison Picnic Area
— Picnic Area
—King Fisher
—Eagle Cove
—South Boat Ramp
—Plum Creek Picnic area (including Roxborough Cove)
Restrooms and parking lots in these areas are closed. Parking space and picnic locations are limited due to the high water. Parking is not allowed along the main park road. All vehicles must be parked in a designated parking area and those are limited at this time. Boaters are required to use the North Boat ramp. Boaters may experience delays in loading and unloading due to limited dock space. Boaters will need to use extra caution on the water as there is increased debris and buoy markers may have moved during the flood."

From the Colorado Department of Transportation
CDOT will not open the Mount Evans Highway to traffic by Memorial Day weekend, due to heavy amounts of snowfall in May. As of the end of day Monday, CDOT crews were able to clear six miles of the 14.7 mile-long roadway. State Highway 5 typically is opened to the summit on the Friday before Memorial Day. However, despite the best efforts of CDOT maintenance crews to have the road cleared to the top of Mount Evans (14,264 feet), an additional four feet of snow has fallen this month, often canceling out previous clearing operations that began on April 28. 'Our crews have been working diligently to get the roadway cleared of snow and ice but we clear it one day and then the road is covered up again with snow the next day after another storm comes in – it’s been happening all month,' said CDOT Region 1 Transportation Director, Tony DeVito. 'Most years, it’s not a problem to get the entire road open in time for Memorial Day but with the holiday occurring earlier in the month and the the wet, heavy snow we’ve gotten up there this spring, it has been quite the challenge.'"

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.