Mountain-Bike Hate? Nails Planted Point Up on Popular Biking Trail

As we noted in our memorial post about cycling pioneer Mike Rust, Colorado is arguably the birthplace of the modern mountain-biking movement.

But that doesn't mean that everyone here likes the presence of two-wheelers on mountain trails.

Note reports that nail strips have been found planted along a popular trail in Pike National Forest in what appears to be a deliberate attempt to flatten the tires of mountain bikers using it.

But the nails could cause damage or injury to more than just cyclists.

A post earlier this week on the I Love Pine Grove Facebook page features this map....

...and the following description:

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Well......this is pretty upsetting......

A warning to ALL local trail users.

It seems someone is booby traping our local trails. For now, there have been a couple instances on the Little Scraggy Trail. It appears the target may be mountain bikers, but ANYONE on the trail is at risk, including animals (pack animals, horses, dogs, and wildlife).

What I have learned is man-made concrete blocks with nails or some sort of puncturing items are being buried along a trail with the points up, near the surface. I have heard a few bikers have been victims to this near the south trailhead, in a little ways, behind the Kelsy Creek Campground area. I would be extremely cautious along the first 1/2 mile or so of ANY trail head, or anywhere that walk-in access to a section is fairly easy. Especially if the trail surface appears to have natural forest debris on it....sticks, pine needles or cones in a cluster, different looking dirt surface in a patch.... Probably a good idea to carry TWO extra tubes.

Keep a heads up on ALL trails and report any suspicious findings. Be vigilant when riding or hiking by yourself. You never know if the subject(s) doing this will go as far as actual physical contact with the user group they are targeting, as in a recent case I read about in California. (two persons targeting mountain bikers).

Be safe out there, keep situationally aware, be prepared.

This isn't the first time we've reported about suspected sabotage aimed at cyclists.

Back in August 2011, shortly before the Deer Creek Challenge was scheduled to take place in Jefferson County's Deer Creek Canyon, representatives of the Jeffco Sheriff's Office highlighted a series of incidents that seemed to target bike riders.

As we reported at the time, tacks were found in Deer Creek Canyon spots on three occasions over the summer, a car got a flat tire after running over a utility blade, and another blade was found nearby.

Investigators also received two other reports of sharp objects being left along the road's edge in other areas frequented by bicyclists: 32nd Avenue in Golden, near the Coors plant, which many bicyclists use as a route to Lookout Mountain, as well as on Lookout's Lariat Loop.

The U.S. Forest Service is looking into the current case. If you have any information, you're encouraged to contact the Forest Service law enforcement anonymous tip line at 303-275-5266. A reward may be made available if the info leads to an arrest and/or conviction.

Here's the aforementioned 7News piece.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.