Naked Ron Jeremy PETA Billboard Coming to Denver Inspired by Internet Botch

According to PETA, a billboard featuring veteran porn superstar Ron Jeremy's naked body and a pitch to spay and neuter pets is coming to Denver soon.

Why are we so fortunate?

Apparently because of new life given to a seven-year-old study about sexual activity that was portrayed online as new.

To explain: In 2008, Quality Health released a list of the ten most sexually active cities — and Denver came out on top.

We stumbled on this post in March 2014 and made it the basis of an item titled TOP TEN MOST SEXUALLY ACTIVE U.S. CITIES, AND WHERE DENVER FINISHES. At the time, we described the material as "vintage."

Cut to October 7, when 9News wrote about the Quality Health item as if it had been freshly released. "Denver makes lots of lists. So many, in fact, that we don't write about a vast majority of them," the online article states before adding, "This one is different."

The station subsequently added a note to the piece reading, "This study was originally published in 2008 and resurfaced this week on social media." But by then, outlets both local and national had picked it up, consistently describing the data as newly issued.

Enter PETA. On October 9, the organization put out a press release headlined, "Billboard Calls for Spay and Neuter in Denver, Nation's Sex Capital."

The announcement begins: "The heat is on in Denver, which was named the most sexually active city in the U.S., as PETA hopes to place a new billboard in the city urging everyone to curb animal overpopulation by tossing a wet blanket over bedroom time for dogs and cats. The ad — which features adult-film star Ron Jeremy wearing little more than a pair of handcuffs — reads, 'Too Much Sex Can Be a Bad Thing. Help End Overpopulation. Spay or Neuter Your Cats and Dogs.'"

Here's the complete ad.

We checked with PETA to make sure the billboard was still in the works even though Denver's sexy status was bestowed the better part of a decade ago.

A spokesperson corresponding via e-mail writes, "We have reached out to advertising companies in Denver. We are negotiating and gathering price details and information about available inventory."

As such, Denver drivers should soon get the opportunity to see Ron Jeremy in the buff without having to use pay-per-view.

Those are the kind of perks that come with being a sex capital.

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