Nancy Sebring, ex-Colorado educator, quits Iowa supe job over sexy e-mails

Betcha the folks at the Boulder Valley School District are breathing a sigh of relief....

Nancy Sebring was reportedly a finalist for the BVSD's top job last year. Instead, she was slated to become the superintendent in Omaha, until her prospects were felled by the release of sex-obsessed e-mails, samples of which are on view below.

According to the Boulder Daily Camera, Sebring, who's 57 and married, served in the Poudre Valley and Douglas County school districts during her time in this square state. But in 2006, she was named superintendent in Des Moines, Iowa -- a position she held until early last month.

In early April, she'd been hired to head up the school district in Omaha, for which she would have been paid a tidy $275,000. But her departure didn't have anything to do with this gig, which she was supposed to assume July 1. Instead, as noted by the Des Moines Register, which broke the story, she stepped down upon the discovery of forty e-mails sent over a six week period, from late March until early May, a quarter of which were sexually explicit, and all of which were sent on school district computers. The recipient: an unidentified man.

These actions aren't criminal in nature, but they violate school district policy.

The Register obtained the e-mails under an open records request, and the majority of them aren't the equivalent of text messages. Rather, they're epic length correspondence that frequently touches on horizontal topics. Here's one example excerpted by the Daily Mail:

I have been seriously missing you today...can't wait to feel your arms around me (and more) and hope we can be together again very soon. I think it's going to be difficult making the adjustment to more time and a longer distance between us, if this short trip to Colorado is any indication. I'm filled with nervous energy, which I attribute to bring consumed by the desire to put my body next to yours with nothing but your tattoos between us and [deleted] until we have nothing left to give....

At the moment, however, all I'm really thinking about is that electric feeling that goes through my whole body when [sentence deleted] makes me [deleted] just thinking about it!!!! can we do that again soon???

The answer to this last question, presumably, is yes, since Sebring now has an unexpected amount of time on her hands: She's resigned from the post in Omaha, whose school board has reopened its superintendent search.

Below, see two different samples from her missives.

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