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"Nasty Chicks of Foco:" Facebook pages up the ante on Gossip Girl

Given the accessibility of Facebook pages and photos, it's surprising we don't hear more stories like this one: Some young dipshits in Fort Collins created a series of pages with names like "Nasty Chicks of Foco" whose main purpose was apparently to attack and demean assorted high school girls as whores and sluts.

The pages (one of which used the oft-seen Xzibit meme seen here as a profile pic) are down now, but during the brief time they were live, they created quite a stir. See images and a video below.

The first of the pages, discovered by the Fort Collins Coloradoan on Saturday, was dubbed "Fossil Chicks" -- a reference to Fossil Ridge High School. The paper describes the content like so: "The anonymous creator apparently copied photos of local high school students dressed in bikinis and other revealing outfits from girls' profiles without their permission and posted it to the page."

7News adds that some of the photos appeared under the heading "Beautiful Sluts."

This page was soon pulled down, but it was replaced by "Nasty Chicks of Foco," which featured the following grammar-challenged line: "We here at Nasty Chicks of Foco bring you the nastiest whores to stay away from NO STDS!"


This time, the targets were female students at Poudre High School, who were referred to as "Poudre WHORES" and "Poudre Sluts."

The page promptly attracted hundreds of likes, but plenty of disapproving messages, too, including, "Danielle is a sweetheart and you are a piece of work for posting this. How insecure are you?"

Good question.

This Facebook destination has disappeared, too, as have some imitators: For instance, 7News reported at 10 p.m. last night about finding a page called "Nasty Chicks of Littleton," but at this writing, it's also vanished. Given the amount of publicity these addresses have secured, though, you can bet more will pop up, after which their creators will likely scurry back into the darkness of their bedroom and touch themselves while thinking about the attacks on young women who won't give them the time of day.

Meanwhile, the Poudre School District has released the following statement:

"Poudre School District is aware and shares the community's concern regarding Facebook pages containing comments about PSD students. We are actively working with Facebook and Fort Collins Police Services to investigate and have these pages removed.

"However, because we do not know the identity of the author(s) of these pages/posts, we cannot take action.

"We can and are working with those students impacted by the pages and also continue to educate students, staff and the community about cyber-bullying and its impacts."

Here's the 7News report on the pages.

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