Nate Easley recall: Fake blog bashing him purports to be written by Easley himself

The drama around the effort to recall Denver Public Schools board president Nate Easley has reached a new low. We recently learned of a blog called "Decline to Sign -- Easley for Better Schools." The first words on the homepage are this: "I'm Dr. Nate Easley, and I am on the school board for Denver Public Schools. I've only been on the school board for a little over a year, and now, the people who helped get me elected are trying to recall me. It's B.S." Only it's not Easley.

Further reading makes that clear. From the homepage:

But now people are mad at me. Some of them thought I was serious when I said I would give parents a voice in our schools. These people even believe they should have a say in how I vote. I mean, sure, some of them worked hard for me when I ran for office back in 2009. So now they think they should be able to meet with me? I mean, really? I have a job, man. I don't have time for all this meeting shit! After all, I'm the one with the "Dr." in front of his name.

The blog, which features a smiling black-and-white photo of Easley, also has sections called "People Who Like Me," "Who I Am" and "What I've Done." "People Who Like Me" lists several politicians who have said they support Easley and disagree with the recall effort, followed by snarky comments. From that section:

Governor John Hickenlooper likes me. He said so just before he cut $350 million from our state's education budget, but he felt really bad when he did that.

The "Who I Am" and "What I've Done" sections are similarly belligerent. An excerpt:

DPS has hired 500 new teachers! We also fired a bunch of old teachers who are now suing us for age discrimination. That could cost our schools a bunch of money, maybe even $100 million! Don't worry, though, John Hickenlooper's got our backs. He knows where the money comes from. Plus, the new teachers are young and accountable! Its very inspiring!

Easley says the blog is completely unauthorized, though its web address,, is dangerously close to that of his official website, His actual site is more professional-looking and features a color picture of Easley with three students, as well as two options to click: Contribute or Volunteer.

"There's only one website that I've approved," Easley says. "Anything else that's out there is probably... a childish attempt to make me look bad. But it's not something I can engage in because I'm sure it's anonymous."

He's right -- on both counts, we believe.

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