New DU study: Living in sin "just sort of happens"

A new federally funded study by researchers at the University of Denver (to read it, click here) found that most unmarried couples who live together aren't trying to test their relationship before tying the knot, as was previously thought according to this USA Today story. No, the study found, most couples report that cohabitation "just sort of happened."

But that might not be the best call. Other research suggests couples who "slide into" cohabitation run into relationship problems later because their bedroom sharing and dirty-laundry and DVD-collection co-mingling wasn't based on "a foundation of mutual commitment" -- a conclusion strikingly similar to this entry on UrbanDictionary.com:


The act of usually a man and woman living together, having sex and playing "house," pretending to be married but without marriage benefits. Cohabitation is never a good idea for a couple who is possibly considering marriage. If a marriage occurs and is meant to work out, then cohabitation is not necessary and could even lead to a break up -- it usually does.

See: Living in sin

But if "living in sin" is so bad, why does it sound so badass?

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