New York Giants, like everyone else in America, think their Thanksgiving plans suck

Next Thursday, just as you're waking up from your turkey-induced coma and reaching for your fourth piece of pie, the Broncos will welcome the New York Giants into their homes and then try to slaughter them. (Just like the pilgrims! How fitting!)

But while the Broncos are surely glad to be playing at home on Thanksgiving, the Giants aren't thankful at all.

According to the New York Daily News, Giants co-owner John Mara has filed a complaint with the NFL, claiming that forcing the Giants to fly cross-country for a Thursday game is unfair.

The advantage is magnified because once the Broncos arrive home tonight from their game in Washington, they don't have to travel before Thanksgiving. They play the Chargers at home next Sunday and then will wait for the Giants to travel halfway across the country. That is not even taking into account the Giants' players and coaches and front office staff being away from their families.

Mara is a longtime member of the powerful competition committee that makes rules recommendations on the competitive aspects of the game. The committee is expected to address the Thanksgiving situation next year.

"I don't mind playing on Thanksgiving," Mara said. "My complaint is sending us all the way to Denver on a short week."

It's a bizarre tack by Mara, whose team seems on the brink of shutting it down for the season anyway. Why give them a built-in excuse to lay down for the rest of November?

And besides, it could be worse: They could be flying to Indianapolis or New Orleans.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.