Newt Gingrich: Is a Newt World Order the answer to terrorism?

"Newt is the New World Order!" cried a persistent protester who'd positioned himself in the middle of the balcony at the start of last night's talk by former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich in Denver last night. The protester and a few of his pals were quickly ejected, and while Gingrich didn't address the New World Order charge, he laid out his own ideas on how to bring order to a world threatened by the spread of terrorism.

Gingrich's appearance was sponsored by the Center for Empowered Living and Learning, which runs the CELL museum that's just to the side of the Denver Art Museum. And unlikely as that location might seem for a terrorism lab (with an even more unlikely pitchman in John Elway, who was in the audience last night), Gingrich laid out a compelling case for how this country's post 9/11 presidents -- both George W. Bush and Barack Obama -- have failed to create an effective program. In fact, he said, officials in charge of this country's security should have been fired after 9/11, and so should the officials in charge after the failed Christmas 2009 attempt.

While everyone is still taking off their shoes at airports, Gingrich pointed out, terrorists were moving on to exploding underpants. Meanwhile, there's nothing to stop a truck full of explosives from crossing the border at Mexico.

While Gingrich had plenty to stay on terrorism, he stayed silent when Denver Post editor Greg Moore asked him -- twice -- about a possible run for the presidency in 2012, although he's now crossing the country to scout out the possibilities. In fact, earlier that day Gingrich had been in Dallas, where he'd said he planned to announce whether he'll run by next March.

Get ready for the Newt World Order...

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.