Nine Arrests at Denver Million Mask March 2015: "F*CK YOU! EXPECT US!"

In commemoration of Guy Fawkes Day, November 5, protesters in hundreds of cities worldwide took to the streets for what's become an annual event: the Million Mask March.

Denver's edition found protesters marching toward the State Capitol last night.

Along the way, they encountered plenty of Denver police officers, as is clear from videos on view below.

According to the Denver Police Department, a total of nine people were arrested.

The Colorado Anonymous Facebook event page for the gathering begins with this introduction:
This November the 5th Colorado Anonymous will be putting most of our attention on issues in Colorado, While keeping in mind beyond our state lines other humans of this world face oppression everyday by there‚Äôre Governments, Thus we will never forgive nor forget, as we stand united by one, divided by zero, 
The elements of focus listed on the page include individuals killed by police and the deaths of at-risk children.

Here's a sample of the claims made about the latter issue:
Colorado Department Of Human Services has played a role in the murders of over 100 plus children wrapped up in its three headed system. This industry, which includes social workers, psychologists, lawyers, judges, the police, and foster care, revolves around governmental management of children and families, profits every time a new child is placed into the system, And its survival requires a constant supply of fresh children.
The first DPD tweet about the march appeared prior to 7 p.m. last night:

This Facebook video offers a sense of the scene:

Bumper cops!

Posted by Denver Anons on Thursday, November 5, 2015

Before the night was through, the DPD had fitted a total of nine demonstrators with handcuffs.

Here's the breakdown, via another department tweet:

There were also counter-claims of excessive force by police officers, as exemplified in a Twitter message with an aggressive conclusion.

Look below for another, longer video showing scenes from last night's march.

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