Wouldn't you have liked to have one of these in 2007?

No Rockie road for the Rays

What were you doing one year ago today?

I certainly remember what I was up to -- frantically trying to buy tickets online to see the Boston Red Sox play the unlikely and amazing Colorado Rockies in their first-ever World Series. It was, of course, a fruitless effort.

After ticket brokers -- or external malicious attackers, as the Rockies organization called them – crashed the system on October 22, the team tried, and failed, again the next day. In the end, thousands of Rockies fans were locked out while high-flying Red Sox fans scored tix from brokers. The Red Sox then swept the series in four games.

Exactly one year later, the unlikely and amazing Tampa Bay Rays (who just knocked off the evil Red Sox) will open the 2008 World Series against the Philadelphia Phillies. But there are no ticket scandals. Why? The Rays figured out they could hold a lottery just to see who would be eligible to buy tickets, making the online rush moot.

Go Rays. I hope you can do what the Rockies – and many Rockies fans – couldn’t: score during the World Series. – Jonathan Shikes

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