No Tell Hotel

What if you gave a protest and no one came?

Yesterday, the Colorado Republican Party staged a protest outside the Grand Hyatt Denver on 17th Street to illustrate the "Tug of War" between Democratic factions. "The radical wing of the Democratic Party, led by the likes of Howard Dean and Ted Kennedy, controls the Democratic Party," pronounced Hans Gullickson of the state GOPs. " No matter how many speeches they give at the DLC meeting, the moderate voices in the Democrat Party will always be drowned out by the extreme left-wing faction of the party."

Whereas the Republican protesters weren't heard at all: The Democratic Leadership Council has been meeting at the Hyatt REGENCY Denver. True, that had been the name of the Hyatt on 17th Street — in the building owned by big Republican supporter Phil Anschutz —until last December, when the Regency became the Grand Hyatt and Regency name was transferred to the new hotel on 15th Street, by the Colorado Convention Center.

War — even tug of war — is hell. -- Patricia Calhoun


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