No World Series Tickets Through the Rockies Website

While the Rockies opened up ticket sales to season ticket holders yesterday, the rest of us schmoes had to wait until today. I got no sleep last night; I had visions of watching the Rockies take the new Evil Empire in four games. I woke up early. I coordinated with friends. You take game three, I'll take four, and you take five.

Come ten o'clock I logged on and nothing happened.

You've no doubt heard the news by now that the Colorado Rockies have fucked up worse than Bill Buckner in Game 6. Facing 8.5 million hits, their sales server shit the bed and left us holding the bag. Like these 8 days off weren't hard enough -- I've been hitting the Prilosec like homeless man hits Wild Turkey on Thanksgiving -- we have to deal with an organization that can't even sell tickets competently.

Their eye on the ball, feet at shoulder width, and 8.5 million hits trickle out into right field. It's really ugly. Instead of going with the tried and true method of allowing nutjobs and miscreants like myself to camp out, form a bond with other oddfellow Denverites, and come out of three days of no showering with tickets to The Show, the Rockies chose an untested computer system. How could they foresee that 8.5 million people, across the country would want tickets to these games?

How could they not?

This town is nuts about sports, and sold out Mile High when the Rockies were a bunch of no names the rest of the league was willing to give up in the expansion draft. Not to mention the lunatics of the Red Sox nation who were all a few cups of coffee ahead of us this morning and ready to sell off their youngest children for a shot at a World Series vacation to Coors Field.

And now my fellow nutjobs are chanting "we want tickets" outside Coors Field. Fire up the printer, start a line, and get this thing over with before the Rockies become a laughing stock. God help us.

As of yet, the Rockies are keeping mum as to when and how tickets will get sold.

-- Sean Cronin

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Sean Cronin