Norm Jones' biggest problem as Avalanche radio voice: Following Mike Haynes

Norm Jones, who's handled radio play-by-play chores for the Colorado Avalanche in recent years, has been bumped from this role in an apparent cost-cutting move. He'll remain with the organization, but Marc Moser, who's contributed color commentary, will now man the booth solo at home and away.

Jones has done a solid job calling games for the Avs. He clearly knows hockey, and his unpolished demeanor comes across as a throwback to a less slick media age. And although he never had the impact of his predecessor, Mike Haynes, who's graduated to TV, that's no sin, since Haynes remains the best voice of a pro-sports franchise in town. The Colorado Rockies' Drew Goodman does a fine job, as does the Denver Nuggets' Jerry Schemmel -- but Haynes supplements his hockey smarts with a level of enthusiasm and passion that's off the charts. Thanks to him, watching telecasts is tolerable even when the Avs are playing poorly -- which they did most of last year and will likely continue this season. That makes Moser's new job even tougher.

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