North High: DPS editorial hints at findings of "serious deficiencies" in following procedures

"Passing on Education," a recent Westword cover story, questions whether North High students were allowed to cheat in online credit recovery courses designed to help them make up courses they'd failed and ultimately, graduate. Denver Public Schools has now responded with a long editorial posted on Education News Colorado that hints at "serious deficiencies" within credit recovery.

Antwan Wilson, DPS's assistant superintendent for post-secondary readiness, authored the editorial. He also spoke to Westword for the story, defending the premise of credit recovery but telling us that in light of the allegations, DPS was auditing the transcripts of every student who graduated from North over the past two years. "The district places the highest priority on the academic integrity of all of its programs," he said. "If we determine that any employee has compromised that integrity, we will act immediately."

His editorial vaguely reveals some of the findings. "To date," he wrote, "that investigation has determined at a minimum that there were serious deficiencies in following procedures and keeping records during the 2009-10 school year."

Read the entire piece at Education News Colorado's website.

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