Now you can vote on which half-dressed women you'll decline shots and keychains from at the bar

I keep a running list of jobs, hobbies and other activities I fear my future daughter will pursue, and near the top of that list -- right below stripper, Real World contestant, and Republican -- is Girl in Bar Who Wears Logo Tank Tops and Gives Out Shots and Generally Uses Her Hotness to Build Brand Awareness for One Liquor Company or Another. That's not the official title, I don't think, but you know who I'm talking about. And -- as if being able to ogle them in person wasn't enough -- now you can vote online for whose daughter will join the Jim Beam Party Crew.

I heard about this on 104.3 the Fan last night, right around the time host D-Mac gave a pair of Rick Springfield concert tickets to a woman on the condition that she promised to sleep with her date, who had called in on her behalf. She obliged, adding another thing to my list: If my daughter ever agrees to have sex in exchange for Rick fucking Springfield tickets, please just kill me on the spot.

Anyway, it's safe to say that Jim Beam found a perfect partner in the Fan, whose web site is now hosting the pictures of Jim Beam Party Girl hopefuls, where guys can vote on the one they'd most like to drool over. I, meanwhile, will be reading up on how to make sure I have boys.

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Joe Tone
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