Nugget fans should wear allegiance on their sleeves

The Nuggets lost by two points last night in a very close game. Why? Well, a big part of it was unusually poor free-throw shooting from Chauncey Billups and company.

My suggestion, then, is that the rest of the team start wearing Carmelo Anthony's super-phresh shooting sleeve. You know, that sky-blue, nylon-looking thing that he, and Allen Iverson before him, wear around their arms. In fact, I think all the fans should start wearing them too. There are rally caps and rally monkeys. Why not a rally sleeve?

I'd never known exactly what the sleeve was for -- aside from a fashion statement -- and had heard everything from a coverup for gang tats to a elbow-ligament protector. But apparently they are supposed to be used to keep shooting muscles from over-stretching and allow shooters to keep good form. And that is something the Nuggets could use.

Where can you find them. Another good question. So far, I've only been able to find black ones at the NBA store online, for $14.99. But I'll keep looking. The team needs me.

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