Nuggets and Avalanche vanity plates: A few suggested messages if bill to create them passes

Colorado already has 23 types of designer license plates, including one that benefits the Denver Broncos charities. Soon there could be two more if lawmakers pass a bill to create plates to benefit the Denver Nuggets and Colorado Avalanche charities.

The Nuggets and Avs plates would cost $45 each, plus two one-time fees of $25 -- for a total of $95. Some of that money would benefit Kroenke Sports Charities, the folks responsible for such stuff as the Avalanche Mini Mites, the adorable pee-wee hockey players who slip and slide on the ice during halftime at Avs games, and Birdman Santa.

As with all license plates, the designer type can be further personalized with a custom combination of seven words and/or letters. But what to say? Here are four suggestions:

In honor of the Nuggets' classy (and ever-growing) collection of tattoos:

LicensePlate Generator at

This one is mean, but "we're better off without you, sucker" won't fit on a license plate:

LicensePlate Generator at

This plate is inspired by Av Cody McLeod's grill:

LicensePlate Generator at

This one is also kind of mean, but too good to resist:

LicensePlate Generator at

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