Nuggets replaced by matadors in last night's loss to the Jazz

Yes, I, too, was excited by the Nuggets' victory in game one of their playoff series against the Utah Jazz on Saturday.

But even in a thirteen-point win, there were danger signs about a lack of defense -- which wound up costing them game two.

A blown call late was frustrating -- but it wouldn't have loomed so large if the Nugs could have held the Jazz to under friggin' 67 percent shooting in the first half.

Last season's post-season run was mainly fueled by D, with Kenyon Martin and company making New Orleans and Dallas, especially, pay, and pay dearly, for each point. This year, in contrast, they might as well be wielding bullfighting capes or hand fans. And if they want to win at least one upcoming game in Utah -- which they now need, desperately -- that's got to change.

In other words, no more ¡Ole!

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