Nurse Tom Moore, Alleged Groper: Eleven Possible Victims, Another Friend Request

Update: Earlier this month, we told you about Tom Moore, a nurse who was arrested after multiple women accused him of improperly touching them while he was supposed to be providing medical care.

In at least one case, Moore allegedly sent one of his victims a Facebook friend request; see our previous coverage below.

The latest? A new report suggests that Moore, who was originally charged with a single felony count of unlawful sexual contact, may have victimized at least eleven women in Colorado and Nebraska — and there's every possibility that more will step forward as the justice process moves forward.

Additionally, the friending tactic doesn't appear to have been an isolated incident.

The info comes to us via 7News, which has obtained court documents out of Greeley.

According to the station, seven accusers have been identified by investigators with the Greeley Police Department. Five of them say Moore groped them, one maintains that he tried to do so but she was able to push his hands away, and the last notes that while he didn't touch her improperly, he was "very flirtatious" — and followed up with a friend request.

As such, Moore, who was initially busted in December, has found himself behind bars again. on Friday, the GPD took him into custody on suspicion of six unlawful sexual contact counts.

The stories of the seven Greeley women join two accounts apiece in Fort Collins and Scottsbluff, Nebraska, bringing the total to eleven. But authorities aren't ready to say they've found every victim. If you have any information about Moore, you're encouraged to contact Fort Collins Police Detective Dan Calahan at 970-416-2051 or [email protected], as well as Crime Stoppers of Larimer County at 970-221-6868.

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Original post, 7:01 a.m. January 6: Tom Moore, a nurse who's been employed by numerous medical facilities in northern Colorado (and a couple in other states), has been arrested for unlawful sexual contact.

But the case against him is far from over.

Police in Fort Collins note that multiple women say he touched them in a sexual way while they were under his care — and sometimes under the influence of powerful sedatives.

They fear there could be more victims like a woman who says Moore touched and kissed her bare breasts after she'd been dosed with morphine — and then, days after her discharge, sent her a Facebook friend request.

The details of the allegations against Moore are culled from an affidavit obtained by 7News and other media agencies.

The investigation reportedly got underway this past summer, although the incident that spurred it is said to have taken place in December 2013 at Poudre Valley Hospital in Fort Collins.

A woman told police that she'd gone to the facility's emergency room after suffering abdominal pain.

Moore was assigned to care for her, and he gave her three doses of morphine over a four-hour period, the affidavit maintains.

Some time during that span, the woman said she lost consciousness, only to reawaken to find Moore had loosened her hospital grown and was touching and kissing her breasts — something she was unable to stop during her medication-induced daze.

Upon her release from the hospital, Moore allegedly told her, "I'll find you, sweetie" — and within days, he sent her a Facebook friend request.

The woman is said to have exchanged a few Facebook messages with the nurse, but subsequently feared he was stalking her — hence, her belated decision to contact the police.

The resulting investigation promptly turned up more problematic information about Moore.

For instance, he was sacked by the Greeley Emergency Center after two women complained about being sexually assaulted by him — including one who maintained that he'd rubbed her chest after she'd been given powerful pain meds. The Greeley Police Department confirms that a complaint was made against Moore during this period, but the victim eventually decided to drop the matter.

And then there was a woman in Scottsbluff, Nebraska, where Moore also worked. She'd gone to a hospital there for an eating disorder, and she accuses Moore of having groped her breasts and genitals while reaching under a blanket covering her.

Last month, Moore was arrested on suspicion of a single felony charge of unlawful sexual contact. He's currently free after posting a $7,500 bond.

However, Fort Collins Police Services is circulating the list of hospitals where he's worked between 2008 and 2015, as a way of encouraging other women who may have had been victimized to come forward.

Here's the roster:
Northern Colorado Medical Center (Greeley)
McKee Medical Center (Loveland)
Greeley Medical Clinic Urgent Care (Greeley)
Greeley Emergency Center (Greeley)
Medical Center of the Rockies (Loveland)
Poudre Valley Hospital (Fort Collins)
North Suburban Medical Center (Thornton)


Regional West Medical Center (Scotts Bluff)

Christus Santa Rosa Health (San Antonio)
If you have any information about Moore, you're encouraged to contact Fort Collins Police Detective Dan Calahan at 970-416-2051 or [email protected], as well as Crime Stoppers of Larimer County at 970-221-6868.

Look below to see Moore's booking photo, followed by reports from 7News and CBS4.

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