Nuts on the loose after Bruce's Bar Nut Run

Some stories could be set anywhere -- but not this one.

Okay, there's this joint in Severance called Bruce's Bar, and for more than a quarter century, it's sponsored an annual bash called the Nut Run -- so named because the main attractions are Rocky Mountain oysters. Men and women alike must have balls to eat them, which explains why so many bikers belly up to the oyster bar each year. But the situation went from testes to testy at this past weekend's gathering according to a casually deadpan release from the Weld County Sheriff's Office. Seems a couple of guys sustained injuries on Sunday, but they refused treatment, probably because they were wearing outfits emblazoned with the word "MONGOLS" -- and would Genghis Khan have whimpered for a nurse to make him feel better? Doubt it, since doing so would've pleased enemies -- who, in this case, may or may not have been represented by a group observed running from the scene in vests reading "DENVER" and "DESTROYERS." On Tuesday, however, a third victim, identified as Denver resident Alfred Barcelon, 46, did contact authorities, and he can hardly be considered a whiner. He sustained four broken bones in his lower back, trauma to his head, back and chest and a major concussion possibly resulting in short-term and long-term memory loss. At least his cojones aren't listed on the injury report.

Read more about nuts on the run below.


Severance, Colo. -- A fight erupts at an annual function in Severance over the weekend. Two victims do not want treatment and provide no information. A third victim contacts the sheriff's office two days later.

At about 12:30 pm on Sunday afternoon, September 20 the Weld County Sheriff's Office (WCSO) received a call about a fight in Severance at Bruce's Bar's annual "Nut Run" event. Deputies responded and located two victims who had the word "MONGOLS" printed on their shirts. The victims refused medical help and provided no information about their attackers. Deputies observed a large group of males running from the scene dressed in leather vests. On one vest were the words "DESTROYERS" and "DENVER". The males left on their motorcycles traveling north on Weld County Road 23. Deputies, Colorado State Patrol troopers, and Windsor Police officers looked for additional victims and WCSO deputies remained in the immediate area until about 3:30 pm. There were no other reported incidents during this time.

At 8:45 pm last night, September 22, WCSO was contacted about a man who was assaulted during the event but had not previously notified law enforcement. The deputy learned 46 year old Alfred Barcelon of Denver was admitted to St. Anthony's Central emergency room in Denver after driving himself there on Sunday after the assault in Severance. The deputy reported additional information indicated Alfred sustained four broken bones in his lower back, a major concussion, and trauma to his head, neck, and chest as well as possible permanent and short term memory loss. The investigation is continuing.

The Weld County Sheriff's Office, in partnership with the Northern Colorado Crime Stoppers, is seeking the assistance of anyone with information on these crimes. Northern Colorado Crime Stoppers is offering up to a $1000 reward in this case for information leading to the arrest and filing of charges.

Tipsters can call 1-800-222-TIPS (8477), log on to , or send a text message to CRIMES and begin the message with WCSO to share information while remaining anonymous.

John B. Cooke -- Sheriff

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