Obama says he "loves" Jared Polis's reality show. Really, prez?

President Obama and I disagree... about the awesomeness of CNN's YouTube-y reality show Freshman Year, starring Colorado's own freshman congressman, Jared Polis of Boulder. According to Polis, Obama "loves" his show. Me, not so much. (Although I do sorta love to hate it.)

If you're not familiar with Freshman Year, it's a show about two totally different congressmen -- Polis, who's liberal and openly gay, and Rep. Jason Chaffetz, a conservative Utah father of three -- picked to serve in the House. It's filmed by the congressmen themselves using handheld cameras, which makes for some bouncy camera work and lots of up-the-nose shots.

For more on the show, read my earlier blogs: "The Real World of Jared Polis, courtesy of CNN" and "Sorry Jared Polis: You're fired (from your CNN series)."

In Episode 11 -- perhaps the bounciest, nostril-iest episode yet -- Polis goes to a reception at the White House, where he meets President and Mrs. Obama. We don't actually see the introduction but Polis recounts it for us. "So the president just said to me he loves my TV show," Polis says. "That means he watches CNN. Isn't that amazing? I was like getting ready to introduce myself, 'Oh, I'm Jared Polis from Colorado,' and he said, 'I love your TV show.'"

Then Polis accidentally kicks over a wine glass on the floor of the White House and films it. Thrilling.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.