Occupy Colorado Springs organized candlelight vigil in support of Occupy Denver (VIDEO)

Occupy Colorado Springs has become a burgeoning political force in its own right of late, and the group is aligned in solidarity with Occupy Denver. The groups have united online and at general assemblies, where reps have traveled to visit each other. Last night, the Colorado Springs group gathered for a candlelight vigil to support Occupy Denver and remark upon its relationship with police.

In the video below, Occupy Colorado Springs participants gather at their home base to remember previous moments, discuss their motivations for becoming a part of the Occupy Wall Street movement and show support for what is happening in Denver. Earlier today, several members of the Denver occupation tweeted and responded to the Colorado Springs event with further support. In Denver, fifty people were arrested across the two-day span of protests.

"One thing I really want to remember is this moment in history, when the American people started waking up," the first speaker in the video tells the gathering around him. "We've had this veil pulled over our eyes for a long time, and now that people are starting to quote-unquote rock the boat, we're starting to see what's actually going on. Peaceful protesters are getting police brutality all over them. I mean, in Denver, they got tear-gassed for no apparent reason, things like that. I'm here for the reason that I want a better world after this, and I'm not going to stop as long as I live."

From there, members holding candles, glo-sticks and cell phones take turns acknowledging the movement's predecessors and supporters. Near the end, there is the suggestion that both this group and the network of occupied cities has become a family of sorts. "All this has been delayed for way too long," another says. "The time is now for us to come together and do something."

Candles still in hand, the vigil ends with a joke warning against burning down the campsite, a march and the same chant heard this past weekend in Denver: "Whose streets? Our streets!"

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Kelsey Whipple
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