Occupy Denver: Charges dropped, lowered for protesters arrested for robbery, assault

In March, four Occupy Denver protesters were accused of robbery and second-degree assault during an incident at the 1500 block of Broadway. According to the police report, the four allegedly knocked down a skateboarder and stole his board. Yesterday, however, the city dismissed robbery charges against three of the arrestees, Caryn Sodaro, James Stacey and Kenny White. Not that they're entirely off the hook.

These three still face charges of second degree assault for "serious bodily" injury to the skateboarder's face. So, too, does Daniel Newman, whose robbery accusation is still pending as well.

Michael Seymour, arrested at the same time, is formally charged with being an accessory to the crime. For more information on all five arrests, see our original coverage.

This is not the only Occupy Denver-related case to be altered in recent weeks. Changes have also been made regarding the prosecution of Thunderdome cooks Corey Donahue and Patrick Marsden, arrested on March 12 for investigation of felony assault on a police officer.

During the incident, the two are alleged to have run toward a parked police car and tried to pull its driver out while shouting insults. Both were pepper-sprayed before being arrested. "After handcuffing Donahue, we sat him up at which time he continued threatening me by stating, 'It was going to be funny when your families are slaughtered in the street,'" the officer wrote in the event's probable cause statement. "He then stated he knew where we all live and our families were going to be slaughtered. I asked Donahue if he was threatening me, and he stated, 'Yeah, so fucking what.'"

Since then, however, the original felony charges against Donahue and Marsden have been lowered to a series of misdemeanors: obstructing a peace officer, obstructing government operations, harassment and menacing.

Here's the March 15 probable cause statement on the alleged robbery and assault: Occupy Denver Robbery Report

And here's the March 12 probable cause statement related to Donahue and Marsden: Corey Donahue Patrick Marsden Probable Cause

More from our Occupy Denver archive: "Corey Donahue and Patrick Marsden arrested for assault on an officer, pepper-sprayed."

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Kelsey Whipple
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