Occupy Denver dog leader, Shelby, only the latest real political animal in Colorado

Occupy Denver is the first of the Occupy Wall Street camps across the country to elect a leader: Shelby, a Border Collie mix seen here, who was anointed after a long meeting Sunday night, and has already requested a meeting with Governor John Hickenlooper.

Beyond that, Shelby doesn't have much to say, but we're certain she appreciates Colorado's long history of real political animals.

Among them: The tiny South Park town of Guffey elected as mayor a black cat, Monster, back in 1998.

The 35 residents of Guffey also elected a golden retriever to the position. Technically, the office of mayor does not exist there, but then, neither do the two main political parties: "Democats" and "Repuplicans."

Guffey's political animals may have taken their inspiration from Pirate the Dog, who used Denver as his base when he ran for president back in 1984, with owner Stoney Jackson (no, not that Stoney Jackson) managing the campaign. The pup's entry into the dog-eat-dog world of presidential politics earned Pirate the Best Local Candidate for President award in our initial Best of Denver issue . Jackson, a gentle, quixotic soul, has moved on.

No word on Pirate's whereabouts, but we wish he'd been at that debate in Michigan last night.

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