Occupy Denver is as important as bigger protests, says Occupy London's Adam Jung

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Last week, even as he was helping prepare for Occupy London's launch, Adam Jung, a prominent figure in the protests associated with the 2008 Democratic National Convention due his role with Tent State University, weighed in on Occupy Denver's tent city being dismantled -- an action for which he blamed John Hickenlooper. Today, Jung updates us on Occupy London's big weekend, and his sense that Occupy Denver, while smaller, is equally important.

"We're on our third day of occupation," he writes via e-mail. "It's one of the most beautiful things I've ever experienced. The general assembly... true democracy. Excruciatingly painful and slow at times, [but] the euphoria the crowd receives once they've came together through consensus -- everyone's voice equally important and heard."

Regarding the turnout, Jung estimates that "we had 3-4,000 come out on Saturday and around 4-500 are camping round the clock, with around 1,000 attending the general assemblies." And the London occupiers don't have to worry about being evicted: "Cannon Giles Fraser, the Vicar of St. Paul's, has given us his blessing, protecting us from having to consistently defend the space and allowing us to build the occupation and consider the reasons we are here. As the church owns the land, having Cannon Fraser ask the police to leave has had an amazing effect.

"A kitchen, library, university, media center, tech, donation distribution center (tents, blankets mainly,) and recycling and waste center were built over the last two days," he continues. "Sanitation teams keep the historical grounds clean. Information directs newcomers where to help and how to get involved. Internet hotspots are being put up by Anonymous. A radio transmitter is going up. All of these things grew rapidly and organically with little coordination and no hierarchy."

About the protests in general, Jung believes "the Occupy movement cannot be stopped now. We are non-violent. We are leaderless. We are determined. We have taken away the weaknesses and tools states have used to defeat us in the past. There are no Weathermen to lock up. No Huey Newton to murder. We cannot be stopped."

What about demonstrations taking place in the Mile High City?

"Occupy Denver epitomizes the determination we have to change our world," he declares. "This is the first truly global revolution since capitalism began marching worldwide 500 years ago and Denver has just as an important role as London. Their determination to return day after day knowing Hickenlooper will repeatedly send in the cops to assault them is not unknown here. Or in Boston. Or New York. Madrid. Or Frankfurt. We all inspire each other."

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