Occupy Denver: Meet the wearable protest tent, the latest fashion statement in occupation gear

There are many faces to Occupy Denver's protests, and some of them are legitimately funny. As further proof that not all civil disobedience is illegal or even ultimately that serious, last night the occupation debuted the protest tent. It is exactly what it sounds like, if it sounds to you like a full-grown adult walking Broadway wearing a small tent covered in signs.

The photos above come to you from the website Not My Tribe, and they show the protest tent's first steps yesterday. As long as the tent stays hitched to a human and above ground, police are allowing it, providing that the bold fashion statement also not be accompanied by jaywalking.

"We've been so upset that we still aren't allowed to use tents that we thought we'd have a little fun with it," protester Chris Bidwell says. "Yesterday, the guys from the Thunderdome got together, came up with this idea of attaching straps to the inside of a tent, and covered it with signs for the protest. So far, we haven't had any trouble because of it."

Now that sounds like an idea with legs.

More from our Occupy Denver archive: "Occupy Denver: City Council's Susan Shepherd calls protests most important thing in country."

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