On Your Honor

Today the Associated Press is


that nineteen Air Force Academy cadets cheated on a quiz. That's no slap on the wrist at the Academy; such an honor code violation can lead to expulsion and having to pay back thousands in tuition money. But this is hardly the first time that students have violated their promise not to "lie, cheat, or steal nor tolerate among us anyone who does." In July 2003, Julie Jargon wrote an extensive piece about how that very honorable sounding code was often used by students to get rid of their peers for petty -- and sometimes made up -- infractions or as retribution. To read that story, click



Thanks in part to Westword's investigation -- and breaking the story about the culture of rape and abuse of women at the Academy earlier in 2003 -- the school launched a task force on the issues and there was a major shuffling of top brass.

The more things change, the more they stay the same. -- Amy Haimerl

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