One-day fund drive works again for KUNC

Even those public-radio fans who financially support their favorite stations tend to despise fundraisers that eat into regularly scheduled programming -- particularly the ones that stretch out for the better part of a week, if not longer, as is usually the case at Colorado Public Radio, which is currently prepping such a drive. Understanding that, the folks at KUNC/91.5 FM, a Greeley-based National Public Radio affiliate that can be heard by thousands of listeners in the northern part of the metro area, has been experimenting with one-day fundraisers -- and it seems to be working. According to the station, its January 30 session exceeded its membership goal by 130 people. That's an impressive success, especially given the current economic climate. Read the station's take after the jump.

KUNC's One Day Winter Fundraiser Surpasses Goal

Greeley Colorado, January 30, 2009: KUNC-FM, Community Radio For Northern Colorado, completed its Winter Membership Drive on Thursday, as 1330 members donated $124,307 on One Day Thursday. The totals exceeded the announced goal of 1200 members.

It was the second consecutive successful one-day drive for the station, after launching the one-day concept last fall. KUNC General Manager Neil Best says "In the current economic times we all recognize that many families have to make tough choices. To have the kind of response and success we experienced yesterday is for me truly humbling."

While the number of fundraising days was reduced, the goals were typical of a multi-day drive. According to Best, "The cost of our programming continues to go up, so we counted on our listeners contributing as they always have. And contribute they did. We had hundreds of listeners pledge in support of the one-day drive, including many new members who said they were inspired to call because of the one-day concept."

KUNC serves listeners along the Front Range at 91.5 FM, with translators serving other areas of the state, including Boulder, Breckenridge, Buena Vista, Dillon, Estes Park, Grand County, Holyoke, Julesburg, Leadville, Steamboat Springs, Sterling, Vail/Eagle, Walden, Wray and Yuma.

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