Our Broncos bet with the Post's Dan Haley: 4-12 or 5-11?

Last year, I wrote

a blog needling Denver Post editorial page editor Dan Haley

about a piece that took what I saw as cheap shots at the Denver Broncos. In response, he challenged me to make a bragging-rights prediction about the team's record that season. I foresaw a 10-6 finish and a loss in the first round of the playoffs, while he figured on an 8-8 mark and no playoff participation -- and we all know how that turned out. Hence, my subsequent item, "

The Denver Post's Dan Haley is the Greatest Broncos Prognosticator Ever


Will he keep this title for another season? We'll find out. Unlike ESPN's Bill Simmons, who recently, and inexplicably, floated the same digits I did last year (10-6 and a trip to the playoffs), both of us anticipate a season of ineptitude and heartbreak. However, I'm even more negative than he is this time around: Haley thinks the Broncos will go 5-11, while I expect them to wind up 4-12.

I don't want to have to eat shit again this year. So even though it'll be painful to witness, please suck, Broncos. Really suck.

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