Our Fascist Future Revealed at DIA

This little documentary claims to unravel the secret fascist symbology contained in the design and decoration of DIA. Prepare to be shocked, amazed, even terrified as the listless offscreen narrator expounds on theories that sound like they came straight out of a ten-day cough syrup and model glue bender.

Whether he's pointing out the supposed swastika design the facility follows or explicating on the plan for selective genocide and DNA manipulation cleverly disguised within the murals, one thing remains constant: he never, ever gives a single shred of evidence or an explanation that makes anything remotely resembling sense. It's just ten glorious minutes of pictures of the ugly-ass murals and other relatively mundane parts of the facility with accompanying outlandish declarations of their significance to the evil forces behind the coming New World Order.

The comments are worth a look too, featuring a nice mix of believers fervently pledging the truth revealed here and snarky comments about the utter ridiculousness of the whole thing. The user trichenosis managed to sum up the actual informational content of this video in his comment: "The real conspiracy is that the Denver Airport paid a lot of money for crappy art."

Amen to that brother, but that secret was out of the bag about ten minutes after the art was unveiled. -- Cory Casciato

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