Welcome to Denver!

Over the weekend: We're still alive, and we don't hate America, so we'd say it went well

There's something surreal about driving around your own city and seeing riot-gear-wearing cops stuck to the sides of police vans like baton-toting flies. But that was the image of the weekend for most Denverites -- at least anyone who was able to find a way off of I-25 near downtown.

But there were plenty of other sights to see, and Westword took them in. Michael Roberts hit the American Presidential Experience, where they let him fly Air Force One (or something like that). Jason Sheehan crashed the huge media party at Elitch Gardens, risking the contraction of Insufferable Cynicism and Pretty Much Broke Disease to bring you this dispatch. AH Goldstein hit the party, too, and reviewed the Flobots for Backbeat.

Jared Jacang Maher put black tape over all his swooshes and kicked it with the anarchists and other protesters, snarling traffic in the name of peace. Dave Herrera took photos of the march.

We also took pictures of some awesome Obama-gear. God bless desperate street vendors.

Oh, and we almost forgot: Michael Roberts, apparently a commie, did something that had nothing to do with the convention, covering the 3Oh!3 show at the Fox for Backbeat. Someone take away that man's Barack Obama action figure! -- Joe Tone

UPDATE: We've also got reviews of the The New Orleans All-Star Jam-Balaya

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