Over the Weekend...Rock, Rock, Rock, Rock, Rock, Rock and Hearses!

Summer is almost here and Spring is in full bloom. And what better way to celebrate this time of rebirth and renewal than with the gathering of retooled hearses that each, in their day, hauled countless dead folks to their graves and crematoriums? This weekend saw Hearse Con 2008, an annual event that draws some of the most spectacular converted death-mobiles on the planet (we presume). Click on the photo to see a slide show from Hearse Con 2008 by Aaron Thackeray.


We saw more rock 'n' roll this weekend than you could shake a stick at. And we know what an adept stick-shaker you've become.

The Detroit Cobras, Super 400 and Yerkish never let the crowd down at the Falcon on Friday.

Nudity, Temples and Outer Neon got their neo-classic rock on at glob glob glob, a place that sounds like it could have been named by any one of Kesey's Merry Pranksters on acid.

Judging by the perpetual line at Sancho's Broken Arrow on Colfax over the weekend, Phil Lesh still has plenty friends.

Laura Veirs and Liam Finn serenaded the Walnut Room with a yin and yang bill that worked like magic.

Film School, Monofog and Fucking Orange had the hi-dive eating from their collective palm on Saturday evening.

The Chain Gang of 1974 played Urban Outfitters in Boulder. Wait, what was that?

And while Does It Offend You, Yeah? failed to live up to their name, they got the asses of the masses (sorry) to move this weekend.

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Sean Cronin