Paging through Phil Anschutz's latest purchase, The Weekly Standard

Phil Anschutz's slice of the Broomfield Event Center hardly represents his only recent investment. Last week, word surfaced that the Denver gazillionaire was negotiating to purchase The Weekly Standard from Rupert Murdoch, who may have decided that the right-wing bible had grown too conservative even for him. Now, the deal is done, making Anschutz the proprietor of magazine that regards the Obama administration as an affront to all that is true and proper and good about this great country of ours. Examples: "Dare to Defeat ObamaCare," a mammoth editorial co-credited to Standard founder William Kristol; "An Anti-Business President," in which Fred Barnes argues that Obama sees no honor in profit; and "Nearer, My God," a Noemie Emery article that portrays a president who demands to be worshipped as a deity.

Will Obama-as-Lord be making an appearance in a future Chronicles of Narnia movie to be produced by Anschutz's film arm, Walden Media? The smart money says, "Hell, no."

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