Paris Bonds accused of sexually assaulting schoolmate in Montbello High storage room

A Montbello High student who says a schoolmate, nineteen-year-old Paris Bonds, tried to sexually assault her was so traumatized by what took place that she sought therapy before she reported the alleged crime to police.

But with the therapist's encouragement, the young woman contacted the Denver PD weeks after the disturbing incident happened. As a result, Bonds has now been formally charged with three counts, including two felonies. Details below.

Typically, we publish arrest affidavits with our coverage when they're available. In this case, however, we're choosing only to refer to the document due to the age of the victim, the small size of the Montbello High community and the explicit nature of the narrative.

According to the report, the teen reached out to police on May 1, but the therapist confirms she first told him about it during a session on April 11 -- and that he was the first person with whom she'd shared information about the incident. Moreover, she estimated that the attempted assault took place even earlier than that -- sometime after winter break but before spring break. That means she may have carried the burden in silence for a month or more. On the day in question, the victim said, she was in the band room at Montbello, sitting at the piano, when Bonds, whom she knew from school but didn't view as a friend, came up behind her. At first the conversation was benign, but at a certain point, he began biting the side of her neck, then put his arm around her throat in a way that made it difficult for her to breathe.

At first, the teen said, she pushed Bonds's arm away in a fashion midway between playful and forceful. But that apparently didn't stop him. He allegedly grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her into a windowless storage room and began kissing her.

This time, she pushed his face away so hard that it almost qualified as a slap -- but again, she maintains that he didn't back off. Over the next few minutes, Bonds is said to have pulled the victim's pants down several times, with her continually pulling them back up and telling him to stop. The affidavit says he also exposed himself, forced her to touch him and pressed himself against her, among other things -- only stopping when she burst into tears. At that point, he hugged and consoled her, telling her not to cry before finally, finally letting her leave the storage room.

Now, it's Bonds whose freedom of movement has been restricted. He was arrested this past Friday and was scheduled to make his first court appearance this morning on three charges: sexual contact-no consent and attempted sexual assault, both felonies, and misdemeanor harassment.

Here's a larger look at Bonds's booking photo.

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