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Park Place

Remember when you could watch free plays in Civic Center Park during the summer? That was awesome. All you needed for a great night out was a blanket, a cooler full of snacks and drinks and a few friends. In my opinion, nothing beats free outdoor theater. Which is why I was so sad when, after sixteen years, Theater in the Park lost its funding in 2006, ending the cultural extravaganza that so many people looked forward to every summer.

But what's gone is not lost forever.

No Holds Bard is bringing Shakespeare, at least, back to the Greek Amphitheatre, performing Macbeth on July 17 and 19 and Twelfth Night on July 18 and 20 (those shows start at 6 p.m. and are, naturally, free). Four nights of free outdoor theater is better than nothing, and it will definitely be interesting, because No Holds Bard performs Shakespeare as they feel the man himself intended: Actors are given only their lines and cues, so some improvisation and silliness is bound to transpire.

Help support No Holds Bard and keep them coming back to the Greek Amphitheatre by ponying up for a fundraising party on Saturday, April 12, at Mile High Music Together, 4100 Tennyson Street. Tickets are $25 for "nobles," $15 for "groundlings." Formerly Known As and the E-Project Band will provide '80s cover songs for your listening pleasure while you satisfy your sweet tooth with desserts by Living the Sweet Life and your inner booze hound with drinks by Wynkoop Brewing Company. There will also be wine, door prizes, auction items and more. Call 303-949-2642 for information. -- Amber Taufen

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