Parkour videos? Yes, please!

As we note in this week's cover story, "Colorado's Parkour Pioneers are Running With It," the discipline of parkour is best described not through words, but through videos. With that in mind, we've collected a variety of parkour movies, from locally filmed Colorado Parkour clips like the one above to scenes from big-screen blockbusters. Click "Continue" to check them out. And remember kids: Don't try this at home.

Here's a video of Colorado Parkour founder and APEX Movement co-owner Ryan Ford demonstrating how to use the stuff such as stairs and railings like one big exercise machine:

Want more? Here's a clip from the ESPN show E:60. It's pretty sweet, since its producers focus on Ford and even send him to France to train with some of parkour's founders. Too bad Lisa Salters nearly ruins it by opening her big, dumb mouth.

For a different local take on urban gymnastics, check out this video featuring Urban Free Flowing, a Denver-area crew that focuses on a freewheeling offshoot of parkour called free running. Don't miss the cameo by the self-titled "Oldest Black Leprechaun."

Hybrid also teaches classes, which involve lots of flips and big cushy mats. Wheee!

None of these videos would've happened without the work of David Belle, who helped found parkour in the 1990s in the suburbs of Paris. Judging from this celebrated video of Belle, we'd hazard a guess that he gets a lot of ass.

Parkour gained mainstream fame in part because of the scene below, from James Bond film Casino Royale. It features a sustained chase with free running founder Sébastien Foucan that ends with a jump off a construction crane.

And just so you know, we here at Westword can do every single move showcased in these clips. That's right: Every. Single. Move.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.