Party Poopers

To the hooligans who looted AfroBlu on Saturday night/early Sunday morning: You oughtta be ashamed.

Who steals from artists, anyway? Who takes money from the monthly after-hours dance party for the people? Who runs off with every last penny collected at the door for AfroBlu? Who rains on the Afrobeat/deep house/global soul parade? Who thumbs their noses at live body painting, art-making, local and out-of-town DJs? And at the one-year anniversary party, no less?

... Nevermind. I've wasted enough words on whoever did the dirty deed.

But you can help AfroBlu (and Ashara and Peju, the movers and shakers behind the event) recover from the loss. The ever-lovely Magnet Mafia has put the piece of art they made at AfroBlu up for auction on Ebay. Proceeds from the auction go directly toward keeping AfroBlu around for another year.

Bid, and know your hard-earned cash will not only net you a one-of-a-kind piece of art, but also help keep Denver's best late-night party event alive and kicking. -- Amber Taufen

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