Patrick Orozco. Additional photos and a video below.
Patrick Orozco. Additional photos and a video below.
Colorado Springs Police Department

Patrick Orozco Before Love Triangle Kill: "I'm About to Do Something Stupid"

"I'm about to do something stupid," Colorado Springs's Patrick Orozco reportedly said on one fateful night in November 2014.

And he was right.

Orozco has now been convicted of doing something very stupid, and very deadly — murdering Eugenio Solorio-Gomez, a former lover of the girlfriend who'd just given Orozco the boot two days earlier.

According to arrest documents obtained back in 2014 by KKTV, Orozco and Solorio-Gomez had both dated the woman, although the relationships took place years apart.

Then, on November 14, the woman told Orozco to move out of the apartment they shared on the 1800 block of Monterey Road. The area is captured in the following interactive graphic; if you have problems seeing the image, click "View on Google Maps.

Despite the woman's de facto eviction notice, she allowed Orozco back into her apartment on Sunday, November 16, for a party at which attendees watched a ballgame — perhaps because they're said to have three children together.

In the hours prior to the shooting, Orozco came in and out of the party, the documents maintain, talking and drinking beer without incident.

But when Solorio-Gomez showed up at the gathering, Orozco split — and when he returned to the area, he allegedly told a neighbor the "stupid" line.

The ex-girlfriend sensed trouble when Orozco came back to the apartment, and told him to leave.

Eugenio Solorio-Gomez in a photo accompanying his online obituary.
Eugenio Solorio-Gomez in a photo accompanying his online obituary.

An instant later, she said she heard the sound of a "gun slide being pulled back and released" and saw Orozco pump a single bullet into Solorio-Gomez without saying a word.

Both men ran out of the apartment after the shot was fired, with Solorio-Gomez collapsing not far away.

For his part, Orozco vanished, although he's said to have texted his ex to say he was going to take his life in the Palmer Park area.

Instead, he remained on the run — and on the following Wednesday, cops tracked him down at the Meadows Mobile Home Park on Astrozon Boulevard in the Springs.

Here's an interactive graphic of that location.

Turns out Orozco knew someone who lived in a trailer there and broke in.

The trial of Orozco finally got under way this month — and it didn't take long for the hammer to come down.

The Colorado Springs Gazette notes that the jury deliberated less than four hours before finding Orozco guilty of first-degree murder.

His sentencing is scheduled for April 29, when he's expected to be given life without the possibility of parole.

Look below to see a larger version of Orozco's booking photo, followed by a KKTV report from November 2014.

Patrick Orozco.
Patrick Orozco.
Colorado Springs Police Department

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