Paul James Kerr, ex-KinderCare teacher, admits abuse check was for sexual gratification

Paul James Kerr, a former KinderCare teacher in Littleton, has pleaded guilty to felony sex assault on a child, as well as two other misdemeanor charges.

His admitted technique -- getting a child to reveal herself by claiming that he was checking her for signs of abuse.

According to an arrest affidavit obtained by 7News, which has done the heavy lifting on this story, Kerr was once the lead teacher at the KinderCare outlet on the 5400 block of Federal Circle. But then a nine-year-old shared concerns about Kerr with her parents, who did likewise with the school, setting in motion a chain of events that led to his arrest in April 2011.

After being taken into custody, Kerr sat down with police and reportedly admitted to touching a nine-year-old for his own sexual pleasure as she was taking off her clothes. An abuse check was the ostensible reason for his presence at this time, but the only abuse taking place was being committed by him.

This wasn't the only instance in which Kerr got his rocks off due to his proximity to underage children, the affidavit states. He also told cops about gratifying himself by holding and tickling a five-year-old girl on his lap and scoping out a ten-year-old as she changed out of her school uniform.

Such creepiness hadn't gone unnoticed. Over the course of the investigation into Kerr's actions, four other parents said they'd been worried about his activities, too.

Such concern will be unwarranted going forward, at least for the immediate future. He's pleaded guilty to the aforementioned sex assault beef, as well as a couple of misdemeanor Peeping Tom offenses. He's scheduled for sentencing tomorrow, and no matter what sentence he receives, he'll never be able to "teach" in a KinderCare again.

Look below to take a larger look at Kerr's mug shots.

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