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Paul Noel Fiorino drops out of mayor's race to run for District 8 city council seat

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Paul Noel Fiorino's run for Denver mayor was bumpy, with so many signatures disallowed that he failed to make the ballot. He announced that he'd carry on as a write-in candidate -- but now he's dropped that plan to join the 39 hopefuls for the late Carla Madison's District 8 city council seat. But what's this old photo of Fiorino got to do with his campaign?

Fiorino provides the shot -- from his days as part of the Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Theatre circa the 1970s -- as a way of demonstrating his longtime commitment to District 8 and the life of the city as a whole. A larger look at the photo is below, followed by a statement of purpose provided by Fiorino.

Paul Noel Fiorino statement:

On the loss of Carla as our Council woman and a dance partner at an Artopia, I was one of the first to withdraw from the mayor's race and establish a District 8 candidacy to continue the artful work she established.

My career in dance started with the Denver Civic Ballet and at the same time the Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Theatre in the early 70's. Besides learning from the best in the business I also was mentored in the politics of nonprofits and outreach to community.

The first multicultural Nutcracker was produced with both companies as I was a principal with both before embarking on a professional career taking me to Israel, South America and ultimately with the New York City Ballet. Involved with unions and dancers rights, I was an organizer and liaison throughout my 30 year career. Establishing my own company and a small business that helped other organizations nonprofits and sole proprietors get a foot hold, advocacy continued. Working with the Kennedy Center's Colorado Alliance for Arts Education during the Romer administration and as a commissioner with the Pena & Webb administrations gave me a keen insight into the dynamics of government. Locally I produced Focus On Denver, a weekly program designed to bring awareness to issues of the day and introduce members of the community at the Five Points Media Center.

I know the struggles of silent citizens who need a voice in this very large, historic race for District 8. I have the time since my children are grown and I have a good relationship with my former mayor candidates, as well able to network with any sector, race, creed or dialect. District 8 is the most diverse with income, have & have not, and cultural concerns. The seat will need a strong voice for all the people in the District and you know there are many, more than we ever could imagined -- however, one that can stand for Five Points to maintain it's central Black American culture and population while working to progress the opportunities for all our neighborhoods and schools.

As a producer/director who brings the best of talent together in chaos to develop a cohesive, collaborative and cooperative initiative to the forefront is what I have to offer, along with love, concern and due diligence of being unaffiliated, so I can serve. Write-In Paul Noel Fiorino for District 8 and let's make it great as we find the best solutions to help the disenfranchised, under-served and environmentally challenged.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.