Peanut Envy

Circusized Peanuts

. What a great name for a record. And as I remembered it,


was also a pretty kick-ass album. Not quite as good as

Deadly Kung Fu Action

-- the classic Warlock Pinchers album, which contained the immortal ditty "

Morrisey Rides a Cockhorse

" -- but pretty kick-ass nonetheless. Prior to this morning, when I


the entire platter off of eMusic, it had been more than a decade since I last heard


, and at least as long since I'd even given it any thought. As I write this, though, the Pinchers are back on the playlist in heavy rotation. And you know what? Listening to King Scratchie and K.C. Kasum partying like it's 1991, I gotta tell ya:


sounds every bit as good to me right now as it did back then.

-- Dave Herrera


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