Peep show provides glimpse into secret Park Hill activity: Kenny Be's Yard Ateology

Yard Arteology: The study of neighbors through their lawn decoration...

Street walking in Park Hill may grab all of the headlines, but alley walking is this neighborhood's favorite activity. Even though the scrap-iron dog seen in the photo above is facing the street, the sculpture is best seen from a peephole cut in the security fence that runs along the alley. This alley peep show also provides a rare glimpse into the the mind of a Park Hill resident... The ownership of such a large metal mongrel suggests that this Park Hill resident is both an art and an animal lover. The large brown spots in the lawn insinuate that the caregiver keeps an all-natural kitchen and does not believe in adding dietary supplements to reduce the high acid levels of iron-dog's urine. The types of security fencing used hint that it is a greater chore to keep people off of the dog, than it is to keep the dog off of people. Which is key to understanding the beauty of the Park Hill plan, as you can see below: The photograph above shows how difficult it is for a street walker to appreciate iron-dog from the city sidewalk that runs between the street and the yard. The addition of the peephole in the alley fence indicates a desire to share at a safe distance, and an urge to pull streetwalkers into a new realm of unexpected delight by encouraging them into the alley. By drawing people to peepholes, Park Hill residents endeavor to turn their neighborhood street walkers into alley walkers.

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